SkinJam Micro EMS Product Operation Instruction

  1. To start the device, press button (hold for one second) until the blue light turned on and long beep sound.
  2. Once the device is turned on, intensity level default at level 0, and blue light is constantly on. The device automatically shuts off after one minute when there’s no output. (Device shuts off after blue light flashes twice and a long beep alarm)
  3. Once the device is on, blue light turns is off after press the increase button + and output one level of intensity. Total 15 levels of increase and decrease operation.
  4. On the process of using, the device beeps for each operation. Blue light flashes once for each press of increase or decrease button.
  5. Blue light flashes once every one minute when the device is working.
  6. One mixed program (15 programs auto-switch).
  7. No load alarm: device beeps continuously and blue light blinks when there is no load detected and shuts off after one minute.
  8. The device beeps continuously along with flashing blue light when off-loading while the device is operating.  Reloading without output while beeper off, and device starts again after pressing + button
  9. Default working time 20 minute and blue light blink twice along with one long beep sound. (There’s the tolerance time of 30-50 seconds)
  10. Press and hold OFF button 2 seconds for device forced shutdown while blue light turns off and a long beep sound.
  11. Do not use the device while charging it.
  12. Red light is on when charging the device, and off once fully charged.
  13. Once battery charge is lower t, red light flashes once with a beep sound every 6 seconds for charging reminding until not enough power and device auto-off.
  14. Each charging time is about 1.5 ~ 2 hours and can last 10 times of use with medium intensity level.