SKINJAM is not an unfamiliar name in the international market. By 2009, SKINJAM has invested in the international franchise and retail industry, with markets in 32 countries around the world. In 2018, Chief Executive Andrew Khoo led the SKINJAM team and spent three years launching one of the most revolutionary products – SKINJAM Ai SPORTS MASSAGER!

SKINJAM Ai SPORTS MASSAGER is a new revolutionary artificial intelligence sports massage device invented by our professional team from Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and Malaysia. This revolutionary product combines the essence of sports physic technology, physical therapy, acupuncture treatment, medical massage, health massage, and sports massage to develop a light and efficient device, eliminating all traditional massages for unprofessional mistakes. Successfully subvert the traditional artificial massage method, SKINJAM bringing you an innovative artificial intelligence device!

SKINJAM Ai SPORTS MASSAGER has been used by many gold medal athletes, boxing athletes and bicycle players for a long time and gives SKINJAM full recognition and recommendation. SKINJAM not only reduces the physical burden of athletes but also enhances the sports limit of athletes. SKINJAM allows athletes to experience the convenience and effectiveness brought by technology! SKINJAM artificial intelligence sports massager has been experienced by many elders. The trial of SKINJAM proves that SKINJAM is surprisingly effective in relieving long-term back pain in healing to the elders! SKINJAM not only improved the long-term soreness of the elders but also greatly avoided the serious side effects caused by the unprofessional traditional massage. SKINJAM successfully subverted the stereotypes of the elders on the technology products, and recommended SKINJAM Ai SPORTS MASSAGER!